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Book Discussion: "Blood Lines" by Tanya Huff [Feb. 24th, 2014|09:54 am]
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Time for the next book discussion. The trade paperback release this month is for Tanya Huff's Blood Lines. This is a re-release of one of her earlier books. I'm certain many of you have read this one already. What did you think? How did it fare compared to the rest of the series?

An evil being has been sealed away for centuries in a sarcophagus never meant to be opened, waiting patiently for his chance to rise again. Now, brought to the Egyptology Department of Toronto’s Royal Ontario Museum, the seals and spells that imprisoned him chipped away by his discoverers, he has reached forth to claim the minds and souls of Toronto’s unsuspecting citizens. And only three people had any sense that something was wrong. . . .

For Henry Fitzroy, it began with terrifying images of the sun, a marker of death for a vampire. Fearing for his sanity, he turns to his sometimes-lover, private investigator Vicki Taylor, for help. As the two struggle to cope with Henry’s obsession, Vicki’s closest friend and former partner Mike Celluci, is following up on two mysterious deaths at the museum, certain that a force from beyond the grave is responsible for everything.

[User Picture]From: birdsedge
2014-03-01 12:08 am (UTC)
I love this one. I don't generally read vampire fiction, but I'll make an exception for Tanya Huff's Henry/Vicki books. A friend recommended them and I was already hooked on Huff's fantasies and her MilSF, so it was a small step to vampires in Toronto. So glad I took the chance.
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[User Picture]From: jpsorrow
2014-03-05 09:35 pm (UTC)
I didn't start reading Tanya Huff until just recently, but discovered that I like her style of writing. So far, I've read the Quarters series, the two books in the Enchantment Emporium, and the Keeper Chronicles. I haven't gotten to the Blood books yet, but they're on my list.
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From: (Anonymous)
2014-03-06 12:48 pm (UTC)

he top.

Idiscovered her about ten or eleven years ago on a trip to Toronto when mooching round Bakka with a friend who lives there. (Toronto, not Bakka... though actually I'm not so sure... but I digress...) I started with the Quarters quartet, which I loved, and then backtracked and read all her back catalogue except the Blood Books. Then my friend reassured me that even if I didn't like vampire fiction in general I'd like these. She was right. That was before the Tony books, when the Blood books were just Henry and Vicki with Tony appearing as a minor recurring character (though I wasn't all that fond ofhim). So when she made him the central character of his own series and started following Tony's new career in Vancouver I stopped reading that strand. I did however keep up with all the others. I still have The Silvered' on my TBR pile, but it's working its way to the top. I will probably get round to trying the Tony books sooner or later, it's just that my Strategic Book Reserve (physical and electronic) is rather large at the moment and I'm trying to work my way down it before I commit to anything else.

BTW, my own DAW debut is out in November 'Empire of Dust - A Psi-Tech Novel' (by Jacey Bedford).
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[User Picture]From: jpsorrow
2014-03-06 03:58 pm (UTC)

Re: he top.

Cool! Then we'll be talking about your book in November! Welcome to the DAW family.
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