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Book Discussion: "Sword-Bound" by Jennifer Roberson [Mar. 26th, 2014|08:15 am]
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I've been so freaking busy lately, but I've managed to catch up. So here's the last book discussion for the February books (I know, I know, it's almost April), and then we'll get to the March books. This is the paperback release of Jennifer Roberson's Sword-Bound, the seventh book in the Sword-Dancer saga. If you haven't read this series yet, you can catch up by getting the omnibus editions of the first six books in the series. I haven't read any of Jennifer Roberson's books, although I have read her contribution to the collaborative novel The Golden Key and loved it. What about you guys? Who's been waiting for Jennifer to return to this universe? Which book in the series if your favorite so far?

The South was Tiger's home. Left as a infant to die in the desert, his real origins were unknown. Slaying a deadly sandtiger won him his freedom from the tribe that had enslaved him, and he joined the elite brotherhood of Southron sword-dancers. Trained at the great Southron school of Alimat, Tiger swore a lifelong oath to abide by their code of honor, or die.

Del was a woman of the North. She had seen her family brutally murdered and her youngest brother carried away to the South to be sold into slavery. Motivated by revenge, she studied with the greatest of Northern sword masters and became the most deadly sword-singer in the North.

Together these two legendary fighters had forged an unlikely partnership of equals, sharing adventures, danger, and eventually love. But when Tiger forfeited an important dance to rescue Del, he broke his sworn code of honor--and his sentence was death.

Fugitives from both the North and the South, Tiger and Del fled to the distant island of Skandi. But this island nation was not to be the sanctuary they sought. Abducted by priest-mages, altered in mind and body, Tiger was forced to acknowledge that he possessed his own special brand of magic. A personal magic that carried a heavy price: madness and early death.

But Tiger and Del were never without resources, and though Tiger's long-dormant power began to manifest, they managed to escape. Desperate to rid himself of the magic that promised to sap his sanity and shorten his life, he performed a ritual to transfer his powers into his sword, then smashed his weapon, thus freeing himself.

However Tiger is still an outcast from the brotherhood of sword-dancers for breaking the oaths and honor codes of Alimat, and now his deadly brethren seek to kill him . . . all but one, a young man, Neesha, Tiger's grown son.

Finally, Tiger, Del, and Neesha find safety in the remote canyon where Tiger smashed his sword, and just in time--for Del is pregnant. In the relative safety of this secluded desert canyon, Tiger and Del settle to raise their child, a girl they name Sula, and train all those who manage to find them, thus forming their own school of sword-dancing. Now, two years later, Tiger and Del enjoy a settled, if somewhat less exciting, life raising their daughter and training Tiger's son and other students. But the manhunt for Tiger has not ended, and to add to the threats, an old enemy, Umir the Ruthless, has offered a substantial bounty for anyone bringing Tiger to him alive. For Umir possesses a powerful grimoire--a book of spells that Tiger locked by magic--and he is determined to use any means at his disposal to force Tiger to unlock this deadly book.

[User Picture]From: wolfsilveroak
2014-03-26 01:56 pm (UTC)
I cannot believe you have not read ANY of her books. O.o

I... umm, have read them all, except this one. I haven't gotten to it yet.}:P But I love the Tiger and Del series. And the Cheysuli series. And the Karavans series. Golden Key was quite satisfying...

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[User Picture]From: jpsorrow
2014-03-26 02:04 pm (UTC)
I remember pondering the Cheysuli series in the bookstore once or twice in my youth . . . you know, taking some of the books off the shelf, reading the backs, etc . . . but I never ended up buying any of them. I have them now, of course, being a DAW author and whatnot. *grin* Just need some time to catch up on the reading.
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