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Book Discussion: "King of Assassins" by Jenna Rhodes [Nov. 24th, 2015|04:19 pm]
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Next up, we have the first of the paperback release book discussions for this month, the third book in the Elven Ways series from Jenna Rhodes, King of Assassins. Who here has read it? What did you think?

The world of Kerith has been bereft of magic since the end of the devastating wars that killed off the Mageborn, and destroyed all connections between the Gods and the many races native to the land. Warlike Gladarkans, peaceful Dwellers, Kernan tradesmen and merchants, and brutish Bolgers managed to coexist after the Mageborn Wars until--exiled from their own world by a sorcerous act of war--the Vaelinars mysteriously appeared on Kerith.

The Vaelinars have used their own unique talents to gain power over the races native to this world, and to create magical Ways that remold Kerith forever. But now their war has followed them, ripping holes in the fabric of both universes. The Vaelinars stand at a dangerous threshold as old and new betrayals threaten the destinies of the peoples of two worlds.

Against this background of treachery and ever-shifting alliances, two star-crossed lovers--the half-breed Sevryn and the orphaned, Goddess-touched Vaelinar, Rivergrace--must flee the fury of a desperate ruler. The Warrior Queen Lariel, having accidentally revealed to Sevryn the forbidden powers that gained her the throne, has begun a vicious manhunt to destroy him.

Sevryn and Rivergrace find no safe haven as the world's magic begins to disintegrate around them and the old Gods wake. In the midst of this chaos, Sevryn is charged with finding the King of Assassins--a quest that may consume him. And only Rivergrace has any hope of discovering the means to save both Sevryn and the world she loves.

From: David Keith
2016-01-21 12:14 am (UTC)

Book Design and Cover Art

Wow. Is your Art Director pushing 70? These covers look like hold-overs from the 1980's! Clearly you are not interested in attracting new readers!
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From: (Anonymous)
2016-04-12 06:52 pm (UTC)

jenna rhodes' elven ways

are we going to have to wait another 7 yrs, like we did for book 3, for the publication of "the court of the gods"?
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