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DAW Books Inc.
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Community about books published by DAW
This community has been established in order to inform readers of the books, authors, and upcoming events related to the science fiction and fantasy books published by DAW. It is also set up as a forum for readers to discuss the books published by DAW. Reviews of books will be posted, as well as New Releases, and one of DAW's authors may occasionally stop by for an interview or with a post of their own. This site is completely unofficial at this time and nothing on here should be construed as originating from DAW Books Inc. or Penguin. It is a site set up to inform DAW fans of DAW's books and its authors only. Here are some of DAW's authors:

Jacey Bedford birdsedge (short story anothologies)
C.F. Bentley ramblin_phyl
Marion Zimmer Bradley
Kristen Britain
Barbara Campbell
C.J. Cherryh
Julie E. Czerneda
Linda Davis lindaabdavis (short story anothologies)
Emily Drake
Kate Elliott kateelliott
Jane Fancher
S.L. Farrell sleigh
Jude Fisher
Elizabeth Forrest
C.S. Friedman
P.R. Frost ramblin_phyl
W. Michael Gear
Paul Genesse paulgenesse (short story anthologies)
Jim C. Hines jimhines
Tanya Huff andpuff
Michael M. Jones oneminutemonkey (short story anthologies)
Katherine Kerr aberwyn
Mercedes Lackey
Violette Malan
John Marco
Seanan McGuire seanan_mcguire
R.M. Meluch
Peter Morwood petermorwood
Vera Nazarian norilana (short story anthologies)
Lisanne Norman zaan
Joshua Palmatier jpsorrow
Irene Radford ramblin_phyl
Melanie Rawn
Mickey Zucker Reichert
Jennifer Roberson corgwyn
Deborah J. Ross deborahjross
Patrick Rothfuss
Sean Russell
Steven Schend brainstormfront (short story anthologies)
Sherwood Smith sartorias
Kari Sperring la_marquise_de_
Anton Strout antonstrout (short story anthologies)
Kelly Swails kelly_swails (short story anthologies)
S. Andrew Swann
S.A. Swiniarski
Benjamin Tate benjamintate
Michelle West msagara
Edward Willett ewillett
Tad Williams
John Zakour